B.A.C.K. 2013

B.A.C.K. was great!!! We were afraid that we won't be able to go, since first Olga got sick, then Evo started coughing, then our salaries were sort of late, but finally everything sorted itself out :) and we set off to Bavaria. 

The event was quite impressive: three rings, 9 judges, almost 700 dogs and most of them really great. We loved the organisation - almost everybody was listed as a helper, but since there were so many handlers, each of us needed to help only for an hour or so and as the helpers were really numerous, everything went really smoothly. The one thing one might complain about was that sometimes there was not enough room at the start/ finish line, but apart from that courses were really interesting and fun to run. We met lots of our friends so the atmosphere was also really nice :). 


And now for the runs. Olga won first agility run with Brava and then Roman was 2nd in jumping with Evo, so the first day was already pretty succesful for us :) and here are our runs:

Olga had really nice jumping run with Brava too, unfortunately Brava missed the last jump, probably because it was too close to a wall and really long-striding Brava decided she would rather not kill herself. 

Saturday runs were qualifications for the final - only 5% top dogs from each run qualified. We started with Olga getting dis in agilility and Romek and Evo getting 2 faults in it, so no luck. Luckily, the jumping went better - Olga and Brava were 3rd, Evo had a clean run but suddenly the wall jumped in Roman's way :P, which was really mean of it and because of that Roman didn't get where he needed to be and Evo lost lots of time, so no qualification for them :(. 

The runs:


The final course was by Ian Watts and Sascha Grunding was judging small and medium. 

It looked suspiciously easy, so I knew there must be something I'm missing and Brava quickly showed me what :). Nevertheless, the finals were fantastic to watch and I had lots of fun running this course - even with a dis :). Small consolation was that super cute springer spaniel won it :). 

Sunday was equally succesful, with Olga and Brava winning agility again and Roman and Evo being 2nd after them :). So we got to be together at the podium :)

Photo by Pavol Vakonic :). 

In jumping we were both disqualified, but that couldn't ruin our great humour :). All in all, it was fantastic weekend and we saw many great pyrsheps running in all the classes :) and they all rocked!!!

The other dogs also had some fun, since there was lots of space to walk the dogs and the preparation ring was big and equipped with several obstacles so even Flaszek got to do some agility at B.A.C.K.


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