Training update

Despite snow, cold and bloody winter, we're really busy. Flaszek is still working on bang-box, this time we have it on video (below). Look how cute he is, really trying to please and be a good (and very brave) boy <3

He's also doing really well on sequences, gaining some speed as he understands better what is required of him. More and more often, especially in the beginning of the session, we're able to work using only toy (tugging or throwing a ball) :). 


And, in case you got the impression that we only work with Flaszek, here's a video of our 10,5 cocker Sunday (probably the best cocker in the world) during last training. She is not as flexible as she used to be, we also work with lower bars because of snow, but as you can see she doesn't lack the enthusiasm or the speed :). Agility will keep your dog fit and happy :). 

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  • #1 (Friday, 21 February 2014 11:50)

    I've been trying to find hours and now I have got such splendid work.