Magna Racino 2015

Magna Racino was mostly great and a bit annoying in some aspects. The great part was the hall itself with great restaurant with delicious food, meeting some of my favourite judges and running their challenging courses, seeing some friends again (and we had a lovely surprise of seeing Barbara and Momo and Momo is like the cutest little monster on the planet). Funny part was a lot of people came to ask whether Brava is Zookie's mother ;). The annoying part was the hotel :P with really weird landlady and the fact that it was allowed to smoke in the hall. After a day everything smelled, my clothes, my hair and even the air outside (or so I felt). As for the results: our large A1 doggies were awesome again :). Brego won  LA1 run on Friday  - it was nice course with lots of straight lines, perfect for a young dog - and Brego was really able to look for his path and speed up on this course, he was already much more confident then on BACK :). He also finished quite a difficult jumping open course, although he was slower as the course was much more complicated and then he had really nice elimination in agility open. Then he injured his toe and I pulled him out of the Sunday runs. Flaszek managed to finish some really really challenging courses and was focused and quite fast (he had the speed of almost 5 m/s in one of the A1 jumpings <3). Brava was just pyrfect :). I eliminated her in her first MA3 run, because there was a really stupid approach for dogwalk that I didn't want her to take, so I just skipped one obstacle :P. Apart from that, we ran clean in all the other runs, usually being the 2nd after Silvia with Le ;) (as both Silvia and Le are totally from a different planet, that doesn't even count as being second ;)). We qualified in the final and had absolutely cracking run there, taking second place :). Evo is a little bit out of shape recently due to lack of training, still had some nice runs and qualified into the final as well (and then the demons of the past have woken up so he missed contacts and had one stupid refusal). Definetely he needs some conditioning and a bit more training now to get him prepared for a new season.  

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