Oldie goldie

This time this is not to brag about some competition successes or to celebrate any special occasion... This is to show how well our 12,5 yo Sunday is doing :).

I know that I'm not writing about her much here, but I still want to assure you - she is still doing great, she is still my little monster princess (Princezna Potvora Prvna) and she still knows how to have fun! 

She is a bit stiff in the mornings, is as deaf as a post, has some memory lapses (like for instance she keeps forgetting that she already had her supper... hm...) and claims that 8 p.m (which is the time we usually feed them) is later and later everyday so she starts whining at about 6 p.m. that it's ALMOST EIGHT and haven't I forgotten something? Like feeding poor starving cocker? All in all, she is her usual sweet, annoying, noisy self, hopefully for many years to come :). 

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