Brego the obi doggy 

As you know, I also do a little obedience with Brego and it's turning to be tremendously fun. This is my "side" activity with him, so I don't treat it very seriously and don't really train much, but still want to do it right, so we attend seminars with Joanna Hewelt, obedience trainer and competitor, from time to time. I really like her methodology, as she uses the same approach as I do - that when we need control, it needs to come from the dog rather than be imposed from us. We've also found our support group to meet and train together from time to time and practice chains of behaviours, distractions and such. I would like to compete one day in zero class, and then maybe in class 1, we'll see. I don't have any serious plans, but I really love my little doggy and it's just so cool to do anything with him :). 

Here's a little video from our training with Asia in the middle of April (thanks Natalia for recording it!). We tried to do all the exercises as in competition, I have lots of problems with listening to the "steward" etc, because lack of experience, so long way to go :) But I like his expression nevertheless. The video is over 6 minutes long, so it's for those of you who actually enjoy watching boring obedience ;). 

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