2nd CZECH quali Kromeriz

So, this time we went to Czech qualifications in Kromeriz (really cool little town, I recommend visiting and sigthseeing :)). We went with a trailer, which was great, as we could sleep just by the ring side and were woken up in the morning by the announcement that coursewalking starts in several minutes :). Plus it really gives you lots of comfort in cold and rainy weather.

Brava has started her heat finally, so she is running a bit slower, but I was really happy to see that apart from that she is her normal self, not doing weird mistakes like missing the last obstacle :). She had some nice runs, was 3 times 3rd and had one agility run with two  mistakes (one was see-saw, which REALLY used to be better...). 

Evo had lots of bad luck and some misjudging as well (for instance a bar fell when he was already in the tunnel and the judge still dictated a fault, even it was quite windy that day...). 

Our large boys were just plain awesome :). Brego had three clean runs with perfect contacts and one run with perfect contacts but I was too late and he missed a really difficult weave poles entry. Flaszek had 3 clean runs as well, in one of them he was placed 7th out of over 160 great teams :D. We were also extra lucky to get some lovely pictures again - thanks Lenka Wami Blachova,  Jirka Wassenbauer and Katka Tercova for the photos <3.

We also got to meet Evo's puppy Cox :). He is so funny and extremely similar to Evo - same expression, same behaviour, same tail, light fur like Evo used to have :) The only thing he is a bit smaller :). 

And finally some videos :)

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