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Ok, it's been a while :), so I don't even know where to start... So, instead of detailed report, just a summary of the most important things:

- Sunday is still doing great, despite the fact that she had a freaking scary episode of vestibular syndrome. She managed to recover fully though and is still enjoying walks as well as wining about the food all the time :). 

- Belgium / France - we had some seminars / holidays and finally a pyrshep competition there. It was awesome, totally different from the other competitions we took part in (well, maybe the fact that there were ca. 150 pyrsheps had something to do with it). Evo won the Best Pyrshep title and huge trophy :). All in all it was fantastic and again we met so many great and crazy people with awesome dogs <3.

- AWC 2015 in Bologna... we brought home another two medals for medium team jumping :), bronze this time. Apart from that, both Evo and Brava have been great, Evo brushed against the podium and Brava had awesome runs with great times and not so awesome handicapped handler (but I'm taking care of my spine right now, so should be as fit as a fiddle again soon). In addition we tasted lots and lots of delicious coffee, pastries, pizzas and other gifts of Italian cuisine <3 and we loved it. 

- Norwegian Open 2015 - well, I love Norway more and more. Wonderful people, beautiful places and really great competition :). Brava was weird... some runs felt like I was running left and she was going right,  she knocked a bar in one run, missed the contact in the final run, which cost us a victory since she had best time of all the great teams there <3... oh well. I hope it means she is preparing for her heat a bit early, but who knows, maybe she just had a worse weekend or something. Brego was awesome, did 7 clean run out of 8, qualified to large final among really great dogs and handlers and was pure joy to run with as usual. I love him, he is trying his best and just has the best attitude in the world. It's not possible not to have fun with him screaming on the course :). Evo almost won again ;) but due to Roman's handling mistake lost some time and came second in the end. Not bad either :). 

In the meantime Brego managed to get three excellents from dog shows, which means he fulfilled the requirements to be a stud dog :). So - handsome pyri ladies are welcome - he is healthy (HD A, ED 0, healthy patellas and eyes), lots of attitude, tons of drive plus a pinch of good sense of humour :). He carries black, fawn and merle. 

And well, now we're having a bit of break - no important competitions for a while, enjoying long walks and regrouping for next season. We also might have some interesting breeding plans, but all in due time... :). 

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