Swap :)

As we're having a bit down time right now - lighter training, no important competitions for a while - we decided to have some additional fun and exchanged dogs for a couple of small competitions. As a result Evo is now MA3 also with me (Olga), Flaszek got his first leg in A1 with me and Brego achieved A2 with Roman :). Brava with Roman are also A2 and have first leg towards A3 :). Here are some videos from recent competitions:


Roman and Brava - MA2, 1st place


Olga and Flaszeł - LA1, clean run, 4th place


Roman and Brego - LA1, clean run, 1st place


Unfortunately, no videos of me and Evo :( but we got 1st and 2nd place (after Brava) and clean runs :). 


And now for some pictures from our walks:


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