Runrunrun ALL I NEED - MOJO

Date of birth: 31.01.2016

Breed: Working cocker spaniel


Eyes: clear (ECVO 13.02.2017)

AMS: clear by parentage

Heart: perfect :) 

More health tests to follow :). 


Cocker-shaped hole in my life has been filled :). I still miss Sunday and probably always will, but the cocker energy, joy of life and Oh-I'm-so-full-of-myself quality is back and I feel so much better for it.


I feel she was meant to be for me - when I was looking at her litter I loved everything: the videos of parents and the results of their numerous health tests, the pictures and videos of puppies as they developed, the way they were being socialised and then I even loved their pedigree names, especially "All I need". I didn't know if I had a chance for a puppy from this litter yet, but I was so drawn to them and I felt one of them is indeed all I needed at this moment as I kept thinking that I miss Sunday so much. I tried not to get my hopes too high but each picture and each video was pulling at my heart's strings in a way I never knew before. Finally I got the great news that I could get a puppy from that litter and that the girl with one white paw was available and her name was "Amazing Day". I thought, well, that's a cool name too :). When we went to pick up her up I heard that the person who microchipped the puppies made a mistake in the documents and puppies' names were swapped, so I got "All I Need"  :). 


So far Mojo is everything I could hope for and more - she's extremely well-coordinated for her age, has endless energy, tugs like crazy, is great with new people, dogs and places and is a perfect mixture of cuteness, naughtiness and awesomeness in little body. She actually looks like miniature adult dog but is a little crazy puppy inside :D, the reverse of Brego at this age :).