VIGO de la Colline aux Marmottes

Date of birth: 05.11.2004


Height: 41 cm

Agility: A3

Best results (so far): 1st place in Polish Agility Cup 2010, qualified to EO 2012 medium final, qualified for AWC 2012 (with different handler)




About Vigo: 


Vigo is my first pyrshep and he's a dog that changed my life. He was the most nightmarish puppy ever, he slept 4 hours a day, barked 19 hours a day and destroyed valuable things for the remaining hour :). He is the most intelligent dog on the planet, can read my mind, knows zylliard tricks, yet he still thinks the sofa pillows want to get him. I made all the possible mistakes with him and learnt everything I know about dog training thanks to him. He is one of a kind - crazy, barky, beautiful, cute, affectionate and sweet :). Vigo made me understand what the sentence "maximum nervous energy" from PS standard actually means and convinced me Pyrsheps are the best breed in the world <3.